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Scholastophere’s mission is to provide 1-on-1 confidence-building learning solutions for students grade K-12 schools.

In order to create life-long learners, a tutoring process built with patience in mind brings success and awareness to a student's education journey.

I created Scholastophere because I believe that understanding core concepts in common subjects shouldn’t bring down a student’s confidence in learning.

My passion for tutoring began in my high school days where I discovered that learning new concepts was not a one-size-fits-all process. Through helping others understand complex topics in major subjects, my love for tutoring grew. 

While tutoring throughout my college years, I decided that I wanted to create Scholastophere to continue the journey of helping students feel confident in their learning abilities to succeed in their classes.

From Bri, Your Tutor

Why Scholastophere?

Expert Tutoring on Your Schedule

Manage your time with tutoring sessions that work with your unique schedule.

Get Help With Major Subjects

I cover English, Math, and Science tutoring services for students K-12.

1-on-1 Tutoring Online or In-Person

Meet with me at a nearby location or online via Zoom for your tutoring sessions.

Customized Homework Help and Test Prep

Book short sessions that prep you for impressive homework consistency and upcoming tests.

Scholastophere's Values


Have peace-of-mind knowing that your student will be tutored by a trusted and dependable learning source.


I tutor by creating a no-judgment zone along with staying genuinely concerned about a student's learning needs.


I bring knowledge and experience when it comes to providing custom tutoring solutions.


I'm here to help your student work through their unique learning struggles with calmness and confidence.

Ready to learn with Scholastophere?

It's time to learn through confidence.
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