April Showers & New Study Techniques

As the school year comes to an end it is never too late to use newer study habits. Perhaps newer study techniques can help push students to a higher grade. Students could also find themselves in the “trial period” and haven’t figured it out yet. Below are some techniques to consider moving forward.

Create digital flashcards

Physically handwriting flashcards can be a hassle and time consuming. However digitally typing flashcards cuts time and can serve as an easier way to study. With technology being in the palm of our hands students could easily access flashcards made through apps.

Create a consistent study routine

Planning study time ahead helps greatly and lessens anxiety. Planning ahead of time always helps lessen the burden. This will also give students time to clear up uncertainty on topics.

Consult a tutor

Requesting help from an outside source is always an option. Tutors who are knowledgeable greatly benefit students who have hit a wall and need some help. Tutors not only provide clarity but accountability for students to stay on track.

Regularly reinforce material

Studying material without reinforcement creates more issues than results. Students can feel less accomplished without reinforcement. Use reinforcement techniques such as creating quizzes on information learned to stay fresh. It can be frustrating to relearn material when no reinforcement was enforced.

Set daily study goals

Setting small study goals such as reading and creating one chapter worth of flash cards a day is a good way to start. Instead of looking at the end goal chop the goal up into small parts to make it more achievable.



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