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Expert tutoring services that build strong learning habits for your student.

Tutoring That Supports Solid Learning

Tutoring Consultation

Do you have specific learning goals you would like to discuss before booking a session? Book a consultation and let's chat!

Price: Free/20 minutes

Essay Consultation (High School & College)

Experiencing writer's block? Need help with citations or paper edits? An Essay Consultation will help you build clarity around your important writing assignments.

Price: $45/hr

Math Tutoring

Need help with math subjects? This session includes help with topics such as:

- Algebra I and II
- Geometry
- College Algebra
- Statistics

Price: $45/hr

Science Tutoring

Need help with science subjects? This session includes help with subjects such as:

- Biology
- Chemistry (General Chemistry & Organic)
-Anatomy & Physiology

Pricing: $45/hr

Together All The Way As You Learn

Building learning habits requires both patience and understanding. I help reduce your student’s education struggles with: 

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